The Vikings are Coming

enlarge Shetland Amenity Trust is proud to host the 17th Viking Congress. This international academic event is a gathering of scholars of Viking culture and it is the first time the Congress has been back in Shetland since the first event was held in Lerwick, in 1950. In a departure from the normal schedule, this year's event includes a full day of public lectures, where tickets are offered freely to those who wish to attend. The remainder of the four day conference is closed to delegates only.

Tickets are available now, through Shetland Box Office.

The lectures will be delivered in four sessions, with a question and answer session available for each group. Lectures should last no more than 30 minutes each.

Venue: Mareel Auditorium


0800-0900 Registration and coffee

Session 1

0845-0900 Jimmy Moncrieff - Welcome and Introduction
0900-0930 Brian Smith - Viking Congresses
0930-1000 Professor James Graham-Campbell - Death and Wealth in Viking Age Shetland
1000-1030 Dr Gareth Williams - Silver Economy in Viking Scotland
1030-1045 Q&A

1045-1115 Coffee break

Session 2

1115-1145 Professor Kevin Edwards - Norse Landscape Impacts: the Northern Isles versus the North Atlantic
1145-1215 Dr Andrew Fox - The Isle of Man: Viking past, Norse heritage, modern identity
1215-1245 Professor Judith Jesch - The Conceptof 'Homeland' in the Viking Diaspora
1245-1300 Q&A

1300-1400 Lunch (not provided)

Session 3

1400-1430 Professor Gíslí Sigurðsson - Norway in the Family Sagas
1430-1500 Professor Neil Price - Nine Paces from Hel: Time and motion in Old Norse ritual performance
1500-1510 Q&A

1510-1525 Comfort break

Session 4

1525-1555 Dr Dan Carlsson - Gotland and the Eastern Connection
1555-1625 Dr Patricia Sutherland - Norse/Native Contact in Arctic Canada
1625-1635 Q&A

1700 - Close