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Visitor Attractions

The variety and quality of sites available to visit in Shetland is quite remarkable. Internationally renowned archaeological sites such as Mousa Broch, Jarlshof and Old Scatness vie for attention with the equally famous bird cliffs of Noss, Hermaness and Sumburgh Head.

Shetland Museum and Archives enlarge Shetland Museum and Archives Dozens of smaller, but none the less interesting, sites scattered throughout the islands have onsite interpretation provided for the benefit of the visitor. These give information on a marvellous range of landscape features, archaeology, flora, fauna, history and geology.

At the centre of interpretation in Shetland lies the Shetland Museum and Archives. The Shetland Museum and Archives acts as a "heritage hub" giving information and directing the visitor to other sites of interest. In itself it is worthy of several days of the visitors' time with comprehensive displays on the history and natural heritage of the islands. It also boasts an art gallery, educational facilities and a regular programme of activities and talks to suit all ages.

This section of the website will give basic information on thirteen of the most significant visitor attractions as well as links to leaflets and other websites where you can obtain additional information.