Shetland Amenity Trust provides a very comprehensive range of interpretive leaflets which give complete geographic coverage of the islands as well as information on specific subjects relating to the cultural and natural heritage of the islands.

Geographic leaflets

This suite of fifteen leaflets splits the islands into distinct geographic areas and gives enough detailed information to allow the visitor to thoroughly explore each area. Each leaflet contains a diagrammatic map giving locations of sites and public services.

Themed leaflets

For the visitor with a particular interest in one area of Shetland's cultural or natural heritage the thematic leaflets provide a good basic level of knowledge on a range of key subjects as well as suggesting places to visit and sources of additional information.

Trail leaflets

For those with an urge to get out and about immediately the range of trail leaflets provides the opportunity to explore sites linked by specific themes. The trails will take you throughout Shetland to visit fascinating sites in great locations.