Whalsay with its heritage rooted in fishing, is the centre of this industry in Shetland. Important archaeological sites and a wealth of birds, seals and wild flowers make it a fascinating destination for a day trip or a longer stay.

Fishing Boats in Whalsay enlarge Fishing Boats in Whalsay Just five miles long and two miles wide, Whalsay has easy and attractive coastal walks with magnificent cliff scenery. From the highest point, the Ward of Clett (393 feet), there's a panorama of the east coast of Shetland.

Whalsay also boasts Britain's most northerly golf course, Shetland's museum to the German merchants of the Hansa and a modern, well-equipped leisure centre with heated swimming pool and snooker house where visitors are welcome.

The tidal sounds and off-lying rocks around Whalsay are among the best places in Shetland to see porpoises and occasional dolphins, minke whales and orcas. So keep a lookout during the ferry crossing and you may see why the Vikings called it "Hvalr-øy" - the island of whales.

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