Shetland Museum and Archives

The Museum and Archives is more than museum and archives facilities, it is a Heritage Hub:

Boat Hall enlarge Boat Hall For visitors, a gateway to Shetland, an introduction to the islands and a guide to further exploration through the network of local community museums, satellite sites, heritage groups, cultural events, scenery and wildlife.

For locals, a place to be proud of, where they can meet friends and visit time and again to experience the pleasant Hay's Dock setting and the facilities on offer in the Museum and Archives.

For local heritage groups, a central support facility where they can meet and source assistance, such as interpretation, loans and curatorial support.

For all, a fantastic educational resource, regardless of age or ability.

To facilitate its heritage hub roles the Museum and Archives has dedicated lifelong learning and community museums officers to liaise with the educational and local heritage communities.

The Shetland Amenity Trust also carries out a range of projects to support the Museum and Archives hub roles, such as the development of heritage trail leaflets and installation of interpretive boards at sites of interest throughout the isles.

The role of the Heritage Hub will evolve to support Shetland's heritage and cultural sector into the future, and the projects undertaken will also change, building on achievements and incorporating new ideas to further enhance the sector.

To find out more about Shetland Museum and Archives please visit its website at:

Shetland Museum and Archives