Papa Stour

This rugged island lies off the west coast of Shetland's mainland. Some of the most impressive coastline in Shetland can be seen here, including caves, arches, stacks and skerries. For walkers, wildlife enthusiasts and those interested in archaeology, Papa Stour has much to offer.

Cave enlarge Cave Papa Stour can be reached by plane from Tingwall Airport, 7 miles outside Lerwick. Alternatively, the ferry leaves from West Burrafirth and takes about 45 minutes to reach Housa Voe on the east side of Papa Stour. The ground here is low lying and fertile compared to the moorland and steep vertical cliffs that dominate most of the west coast. This is also the centre of the population where about 30 people now live. For most islanders crofting is a way of life.

Although the ferry to Papa Stour carries cars, there is little need of one as there is only one short road on the island and the best way to see the sights is on foot.

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