Foula lies to the West of the Shetland Mainland and is one of Britain's most remote inhabited islands.

Foula Coast enlarge Foula Coast The crofting townships are situated in the narrow eastern coastal strip with the expanse of peat and moorland rising steeply to Foula's five dramatic peaks - da Noup in the south is divided by the glacial valley of the Daal from Hamnafield, da Sneug, da Kame, and Soberlie which stretch westwards until they drop sheer to the sea in breathtaking cliffs ranging from 500 to over 1200 feet.

Foula leaves a lasting impression on everyone who visits, for there is something very special about the island - it may be the quality of light, the natural beauty and remoteness, the community way of life or a combination of these. It is difficult to explain this intangible quality; we hope you find it for yourself.

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