Fair Isle

Fair Isle, a tiny jewel of an island, is known worldwide for the warmth of its welcome to visitors. Lying halfway between Orkney and Shetland, it is one of Britain’s most successful remote communities, pioneering projects in wildlife tourism, sustainable management of the environment and use of wind power.

Fair Isle Knitting enlarge Fair Isle Knitting The 70 or so islanders live in traditional crofts on the more fertile southern third of the island, the remaining land being rough grazing and rocky moorland, rising to Ward Hill. Most of Fair Isle’s coastline boasts impressive cliffs including the spectacular Sheep Craig.

While the island’s oceanic climate brings stormy but fairly mild winters, summer visitors may encounter rapid changes in the weather – a day of sparkling sunshine and incredible visibility followed by one of mist-enshrouded cliffs.

Several of the crofters welcome paying guests into their homes. Self-catering accommodation is also available.

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Fair Isle

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