Accolade for Shetland Nature Titles

enlarge The results of an online public vote to find the Favourite Scottish Nature Photography Book 2016 are in and Shetland Heritage Publications own title, Discover Shetland's Birds by Paul Harvey & Rebecca Nason, came third in the national poll.

The book was published in 2015 and includes a stunning array of photographs by Rebecca, and others, portraying all of the birds that can be found in Shetland.

The winner was On A Rising Tide by Charlie Phillips, published by Ness Publishing. The book features almost one hundred of Charlie’s finest images accompanied by accounts and recollections of recording Bottlenose Dolphins in the Moray Firth through his work for Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC).

The online vote is conducted every two years by the Scottish Nature Photography Awards, which celebrate nature, wildlife and landscape photography in Scotland. The shortlist for the 2016 vote featured outstanding photography across a range of nature subjects, and celebrated the books and the vision and dedication of the photographers who created them.

Awards organiser Niall Irvine said: “This vote has enjoyed the highest level of participation since it began. A good sign that the enthusiasm for quality nature photography books is alive and well!

The second place runner-up in the vote was Otters in Shetland - The tale of the draatsi by Richard Shucksmith & Brydon Thomason (published by The Shetland Times).

Niall Irvine said: “Shetland is an iconic destination for nature lovers and photographers. These two books are visually stunning and informative in-depth studies of different aspects of Shetland wildlife which the voters clearly appreciated.”

Discover Shetland’s Birds is available to buy in local bookshops and online at